Sunday, December 5, 2010

My October.....

A couple of months ago, 12 Lebanese illustrators got together to give birth to the "Lebneneez Calendar 1011". I was one of them. Each one of us had to take a Lebanese saying and express it our own way.
I was having a hard time choosing mine...but then it hit me! There was no better example than this one for me :
"Eza 7abibak men 3asal, ma tel7aso kello". Literally meaning "if your loved one is made out of honey, don't lick it all"... That meaning reflects the goodness in one : if someone is good to you, don't take advantage of him!!
And since I felt like almost everybody was stabbing me in the back, what better way than to twist it into my own version!! It became something like this:
"Eza albe men 3asal, ma tel7aso kello". And now, the meaning turned to be on me...if I am good to you, don't take advantage of me.

The original draft was not even close to how it turned out to be, but the visual concept was still the same!!
It's symbolic and it means a lot to me. I took it as a fresh start for myself.

I got to meet the illustrators during the calendar launching and signature.
You can check out Luana's blog ( to check out the rest of it and have more info on where to find it....

Enjoy :)